The first, most important, and most simple rule is that you are expected to respect all clan members, friends, and guests. This means that you should NOT be derogatory (i.e., sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) in the Clan Chat, on the Forums, on Discord, or any other SoA community.

If you feel you have issues or a disagreement with another member, we encourage you to be mature and speak with them privately. We do not want arguments overflowing into the Clan Chat. If you would like to talk to a staff member or clan leader about these issues, please do, and we will help to resolve them.

Follow and abide by all Jagex rules on all Jagex games/forums etc.

While in SoA you are expected to follow all Jagex rules and act honorably within the game. If you need detailed information about Jagex rules please visit the Jagex website and read more: Rules of RuneScape.

Offensive Display Names

In SoA, the Leadership team reserve the right to deem any name or name change to be offensive. If we find your name to be offensive, we will ask you to change it. If you wish to continue on with an offensive name, then you may be removed from SoA.

Gambling & Botting

Gambling is against the Rules of RuneScape, and as such those who host, promote, or participate in RuneScape Gambling will be exited from SoA. Likewise, anyone using or promoting bots will be exited from SoA.


Whilst we are happy to have members of our community to be members of other clans, to progress through the loyalty system of SoA, and receive points and awards, you must have an account ranked in the SoA Clan Chat.

Requirements, Attendance, and Activity

SoA has NO requirements for joining or for continued membership. However, as an applicant or a Tylar rank, we do require minimal activity and communication to remain in the clan. After the initial one month Tylar period, we maintain very minimal requirements to remain “active” and progress through the loyalty ranks. SoA leadership judges activity in loose terms; contributions to the Forums, presence on Discord or in the Clan Chat, as well as monthly experienced gained. This is always judged on an individual basis.


After being in SoA for one month and receiving the Myrth loyalty rank, you can “retire” whenever you wish. We do not require you to be active all the time; we want you to feel comfortable. This means that you can remain a member of SoA even if you want to take a break from RuneScape and return to your membership of SoA when you return to the clan.

A note for Applicants

If you have fully read these guidelines then please paste the phrase below into your application under the "Have you read the rules" question (It is Elvish language and it means: "My heart sings to see thee"). 'Nae Saian Luume'.

We reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time.