Respect clan members and friends

Simple rule, you are expected to respect all clan members and friends. This means you should NOT be racist, sexist or homophobic and should respect each member as a person. If you feel there may be issues with a clan member, we would prefer you act mature about it and speak to the person privately. You can ask a clan leader to be present if both would like that to be the course of action. In SoA we want to stay away from clan disputes and arguments, we see SoA as a place to enjoy the game together as a community.

Follow and abide by all Jagex rules on all Jagex games/forums etc.

While in SoA you are expected to follow all Jagex rules and act honorably within the game. If you need detailed information about Jagex rules please visit the Jagex website and read more: Rules of RuneScape.


Gambling is against the Rules of RuneScape, and as such, those who host, promote, or participate in RuneScape Gambling will be exited from the clan.


While we are happy for you to be a member of other Clans and Friend Chats, if you wish to be a member of SoA, you must be ranked in our Clan Chat.

Members are allowed to retire once they gain the rank "Myrth" after 1 month of trial membership

Myrth (Full member) and above are allowed to retire whenever they wish to. If you feel you don't want to retire but would like to take a long break, then that's also something that can be looked at. Here at SoA we don't want to treat you like soldiers, this is a game not IRL, so we care more about making sure you're ok and healthy rather than 'rules'. You come first.

Attendance and Activity

In SoA there are very minimal attendance requirements. However we would prefer that members are active within some of the following: Clan Chat, In-Game Events, Forums or Discord. Involvement and activity will be assessed on an individual basis - if we find that you haven't been around for a while we will contact you and ask if everything is ok. If necessary we will let you know that the retirement rank is available.

Treat communications with respect: (Forums, Discord, Clan chat)

You should treat the Forums, Discord, and Clan chat with respect. The Forums are a service that is paid for out of the clan's pocket so we would prefer they are used correctly and not abused.


Members who have achieved the rank of Myrth or above are allowed to retire, whenever they wish, to the rank of Bael. This rank is for members who are no longer actively playing RuneScape but who don't want to totally leave the clan. Should you wish to return to an active rank you may post in the Returning/Leaving forum or contact a staff member.

Tylars who become inactive will be returned to the rank of Thar. In addition, any member who leaves our CC will be demoted to the rank of SoA Guest. If you wish to rejoin SoA after this it is necessary to post a new application.

A note for Applicants

If you have fully read these guidelines then please paste the phrase below into your application under the "Have you read the rules" question (It is Elvish language and it means: "My heart sings to see thee"). 'Nae Saian Luume'.

We reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time.